Our story is just beginning. Nearly two decades ago, I answered a call to high adventure and began the arduous task of assembling a visionary team with incredible talent. Together, we’ve encountered extraordinary challenges and celebrated monumental victories.

Today Anthem’s ventures drive billions in revenue for the world’s most important and emerging brands. We develop proven data sciences methodologies, harness deep insights, and leverage marketing expertise to create unique campaign solutions.

After years of crafting industry-changing solutions for our clients and providing unparalleled customer service, Anthem has become a highly regarded resource for thousands of decision driven companies and executives in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

My attitudes toward work and the definition of success have been shaped and honed through many trials, the keen observation of others, and my work, life and athletic experiences.  I think it is valuable to share these with you here as they are the cornerstone of all our relationships.

Enjoy the Journey
Often, I find myself repeating the mantra “we better be having fun!” This has become Anthem’s rallying call, a great distillation of the most important of our company values: Enjoy the Journey.

We realize that goals evolve.  Instead of chasing an arbitrary point in space, the expectation is to love what we do, today.  Enjoyment of life is an ongoing process, not a destination.

Deliver a Superior Lifestyle
We moved our headquarters office from a highly coveted landmark high rise to a bustling retail and dining destination. Why? The move is symbolic on several fronts. Having restaurants, nightlife, access to running and biking trails and an organic market all within walking distance makes life better! Instead of cramped cubicles and death march of a 9 to 5 workday, our loft style workspaces, cloud based productivity solutions and remote work mentality allow Anthem employees to easily collaborate and interact with each other – and our customers – all over the world – all the time.

We’ve made significant investments in technologies that enable our employees to be highly productive and mobile.  Robust enterprise technologies and mobile applications guarantee our clients receive benchmark service while providing an unparalleled lifestyle for our team.  As a result, we attract and retain the best and brightest talent across all functions.

Stay in Constant Motion
Organizations and client relationships are built on a foundation of consistent effort.  Every day we attempt to exceed client expectations by exploring possibilities and evolving alongside them, learning when best to leverage emerging technologies and marketing practices. By holding each other accountable to this transformation and attitude of continual improvement, Anthem is able to build incredible value. 

Never Settle for Done
I gravitate towards people and companies who possess an innate sense of adventure and enthusiasm– this has made Anthem a magnet for the entrepreneurial, the driven, the independent thinkers. With our well-measured feedback loops and account service philosophy, we have been able to create a unique culture of continuous improvement.

Whether you are considering joining our team, engaging one of our companies to solve a complex need or evaluating potential strategic or financial partnerships, I encourage you to connect.

Thanks for visiting us!






Brian Weaver |  Founder & CEO

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